Questyinz Social [Video Game]
-- An educational game addresses Learn through Playing



Questyinz is the first semester-long project that I worked on. It is a social educational game for K-5 children. My role was artist and game designer.


We were helping the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) to develop an additional component for Questyinz, their interactive virtual tool which addresses literacy through gaming.


The team’s goal was to produce a robust component whose social features will encourage educational exploration, promote peer culture, and excite the users. Our product was designed and implemented with accessible web technologies in order to sustain Questyinz’s accessibility to a wide target audience.



Allegheny County Library Association






Age K-5



4 months, 2014 Spring



Game Designer, Artist


“Starting with design/features, iterating with art, and making decisions back to design.”


On one hand, as a designer on this team, I was held accountable for communicating with client and teammates, playtesting, visualizing the game experience (UI design) and coming up with feature ideas.

It was my first time doing UI design. I iterated a lot with styles of interfaces, icons, buttons, compositions and color palettes.

What I Learned


As the environment artist, I explored a little bit about the tiki island theme.

From the whole process, I learned that, as you try to visualize some experience, you will not know what exactly the experience would be until you have finished a complete interface design. And of course, I learned some useful skills to design user interfaces. Also I learned how to communicate with client who doesn't understand games much.




On the other hand, I worked on the environment art of the game, including the tiki hut design and the neighborhood view (friends list). However, we used to struggle with the theme of the overall visual experience through the past semester. Before the tiki island was settled, we failed owing not to have a strong and compelling theme. We were only focusing on art style, like fantasy or cartoony, but did not realize that the key is to tie everything together and to create a style kit by putting together objects with a highly unified theme. After realizing the problem, the team sat down and made a long list about the themes and voted a favorite one, the tiki island. As we know that the game would be meeting our audience in hot summer, we adopted the typical land theme as we wanted to invite our players to the world of Quesyinz as going for a trip. It turned out to be a wise choice and players really enjoy the tiki island theme.





Haiyin (Haley) Yang: Artist, Game Designer

Shirley Park: Artist

Youn Kim: Artist

Christian Karrs: Producer, Game Designer

Maria Alejandra Montenegro: Producer, Programmer

Goksu Ugur: Front End Programmer

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