Below are my 3D works, some of which are game development projects, some are personal works.


Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a course for ETC students at first semester, in which I worked with other 4-6 students  with varing talents and background. Each round we create 5 game prototypes in 1-3 week(s). My main role is 3D artist and the tools I use are Maya, Mudbox, Unity, Photoshop, After Effects. Since there is no "idea people" in this course, I share in the mechanical creation of our worlds.

ETC Project | 4 months

Environment Art, UI Design, Game Design

In this semester, I have been working on a social educational game for K-5 children as an artist and designer.

BVW Round 5 | 2.5 weeks

Modeling, Rigging, Animation

Multiplayer (over a network) giant robot fighting game using the Oculus Rift for vision and PS moves for input controllers.

BVW Round 2 | 2 weeks

Modeling, Animation, Video Production

Maze game using the platform Microsoft Kinect as the interaction method that mirrors the body of the player and allows players to solve the maze in it.

GGJ 2014 | 48 hours

Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Game Design

Two-player arena game using xbox 360 as controllers. The topic of Global Game Jam 2014 is "We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are".

BVW Round 1 | 2 weeks

Modeling, Rigging, Animation

Using Oculus Rift to look around and PS Move as magnifying glasses  to defend the black ants from the fire ants by burning them .

BVW Round 4 | 2 weeks

Modeling, Lighting, Texturing

A dream world designed for a storytelling game in which the player can encounter fantastic plants and interact with them.

Personal work | 6 days

Modeling, Lighting, Texturing

An environment of a castle of the Chinese martial faction Tang.

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