Hungry Squids


An augmented reality game that the player can first scan the room with area learning feature, then generate meshes based on the point clouds. The player can walk in the environment with motion tracking and depth detection.

Here is a collection of my environment/level design work samples.

,Project Tango, 2015 Spring (Prototype, 3 hours)

Photo of testing room

Sketch of the mapped virtual environment

Blockout test

Journey to the West


An android game that aims to gamify cognitive behavioral therapy

,Side Project, 2014 Fall (2 weeks)

Main village design: Paifang (establish shot), houses, apothecary (mini games), school (intro), temples (breathing interaction), bridge with water (training level)...

Campsite design

Questyinz Social


An educational flash game addresses learn through playing.

,ETC Project, 2014 Spring (street view/Friends list design, 1 day)

Street view design (Friends list)

The center one is "my" Tiki hutThe player visits another player by  clicking on a friend’s hut and walk to their place.

Maze of Heart


A kinect game allows solving puzzles in your body.

,Building Virtual Worlds (BVW), 2013 Fall (2 weeks)

Puzzle sketch

Heart design

The player's objective is to collect heart pieces that shattered in the body



GTA meets Guitar Hero. The quest to go from starving musician to rock god by doing whatever it takes.

,Game Design Class Final Pitch, 2014 Spring (10 hours)

City view

Final venue design

Monument Valley Scene



,Daily Practice, Level Study, 2014 (3 hours)