The Eastern Egg/Journey To The West [Mobiles]
-- Aims to gamify cognitive behavioral therapy


Game Designer, UI Artist, Environment Artist






Health game



Android phones



College Students



About 4 months, 2014 Fall


Team Size





This is my side project with InnovaJoy, a start-up team spanning the Nursing School, the Wharton School, and the School of Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to create an app that aims to gamify cognitive behavioral therapy in order to reach out to college students who don't typically seek mental health therapy. I am really excited to work with the team, because they have nice vision of design and art, and they understand the audience well. I enjoy helping them solidify the design concept and generate game-ready assets including environment art and UI elements.






  • Translated design concept into game language with mock-up and in-game elements, to help the team communicate the design details.

  • Collaborated with writer, designer, programmer and artist to make design decisions.

  • Laid out the interfaces and designed the UI elements.


  • Created 3D environment, rendered and composited with characters.

  • Figured out feasible and optimal method to compress the image files without bringing much work to the team members.

Above are some examples of the UI design. As a UI/UX designer, I managed to communicate effeciently with the team through the combination of graphics and descriptions. Then I changed the design based on the feedback got from the team. It was amazingly easy to communicate thoughts although  some of the team members are non-gamers.


For some design task that I am not sure with, I would sketch up beforehand. Here is an example:



Haley (Haiyin) Yang: Designer, Artist

Christine Skovira: Designer, Producer

Samuel Timbó: Programmer

Chong Hu: Character Artist, UI Artist

Fan open animation3

UI for Journey Log system

UI design mock-up

Level design doc

Intro Video

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