Hungry Squids [Project Tango]
-- An arcade style shooter game that showcases Google Tango's capabilities


Game Designer, Artist



Google Tango



Project Tango (android)



4 months, 2015 Spring


Team Size




This is a semester long project with a team of 5. We are working on creating a fun experience using the capabilities of Project Tango device.


We are currently creating a casual first person shooters game on Tango. The player helps the hungry squids to collect food by launching them to the objects in the virtual world. Their goal is to get as many points as possible by collecting food and hitting blocks.


The game is now available on Google Play Store (Tango only).


Please check out our halves presentation to learn about the game!




  • Brainstormed and developed ideas with the team.

  • Researched and prototyped in different directions to figure out unique interactions using the features of Tango device.

  • Designed the game experience and UI interfaces.

  • Responsible for all the art.





Halves Presentation:


Team & Project Site


Google Play Store

Honors & Awards


Demoed at GDC 2015

Anthony Daniels playing the game



Haley (Haiyin) Yang: Game Designer, Artist

John Shields: Game Designer

Emily Chang: Programmer

Ojas Sawant: Programmer

Janet Lin: Producer