Bun vs. Muffin [xbox 360]
-- Two-player arena game with their role switching in play

Game Jam Topic

"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are"



Oculus Rift



2 Days


Team Size




Game Designer, Artist



Here's the link to the game. Please feel free to download and play!




We approached the topic by having multi-players switching roles with each other through the play.


To support this topic, we created a two-player arena game using xbox 360 as controllers. The goal of our game is to control your avatar (a bun or a muffin) to eat flour to earn score. An important thing to remember: Your score will switch with your opponent's if you hit each other!





I modeled the bun and some other props, rigged and animated the two avatars in limited time. I want players to have fun when playing this game, so the animations I made look crazy and jumpy.





Haiyin (Haley) Yang: 3D Artist, Designer

Bing Liu: 3D and 2D Artist

Jing Peng: 3D Artist

Xuefeng Dai: Programmer, Designer

Hao Fu: Programmer, Sound Designer, Designer

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