I love playing and crafting board games. Here are some that I made. I am arranging the printables so if the printables are not there for some of the games, they will come up soon! Thanks!


36 Battles


36 Battles is a two-player card game based on the Thirty-six Stratagems in the Book of Qi in ancient China. Each stratagy is a unique card in the game. 


  • 36 unique Strategem cards

  • Ancient eastern fantasy

  • Asymmetrical gameplay

  • Unfolding hidden victory conditions


  • Download printables HERE


New Game!



Game Jams


I am a big fan of game jams! I love paper prototyping and creating fun mechanics within time limit.


Thieving Chefs

A card game themed in "EATING"

The Most Delicious Game, the 3rd Prize


  • Collect ingredients, cook them into delicious dishes according to the recipe and eat them to score points.

  • Having adorable pets to help you steal food from other players

  • Using Sauces to gain bonus points

  • Nice graphics designed by Zhengyi Wang



  • Download printables HERE


A board game themed in "TRAVEL"

The Most Complicated Game


  • Traveling through SPACE is too common. We allow you to travel across 3 TIMEs: PAST, PRESENT and Future

  • Whatever you do in a "past" TIME, affects what happens in the "future" TIME(s).

  • Fight against each other to obtain the TESTAMENT!

  • Asymmetrical gameplay for the father and other family members

  • Fun items having different usages

Personal Games


Below are some personal board game projects. For each of them, I tried to tackle one or more elements of design, such as narrative, puzzles and possibilities/randomness.

Story Citadel

- An adventure game that everyone is an alchemist


  • As they explore in the world, an evil plot brewed by a powerful alchemist was unfolded

  • The players will also encounter various puzzles and learn to become an alchemist during the adventure

Frontier of Freedom

- A path building game using hexagon cards and board


  • Easy to learn

  • Asymmetrical gameplay

  • Each player has a hidden goal

  • Balanced hexagon cards

  • Varied patterns for high replayability

Dice Canyon

- 3 different dice-focused games



  • One is based on the characters in Chinese history (Three Kingdoms)

  • The second is a casino game purely about randomness and probabilities

  • The third one is a two-player dice flicking game

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