Here are some of my game projects. Because of the team size, I usually work on design and art at the same time. Have fun!


Professional / Academic projects: Below are some game projects I do with different clients. Sometimes it is very hard to cooperate with people from different backgrounds / industries. But I like it because we can always learn new things from them and gain a new perspective of games.

Game Jams! I am a big fan of game jams. I love rapid prototyping and the experience of creating something fun and playable within time limit. So I took all chances participating game jams and to enjoy playing games made by other people. Below are some games I made at game jams.

Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a course for ETC students at first semester, in which I worked with other 4-6 students with varying talents and background. Each round we create 5 game prototypes in 1-3 week(s). My primary role is 3D artist and the tools I used were Maya, Mudbox, Unity, Photoshop, After Effects. Since there is no "idea people" in this course, I share in the mechanical creation of these worlds.

Personal Works: Here are some of my personal game prototypes. Each of them has a specific topic that I was focusing on, like the story or random events.

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