36 Battles [Board Game/Card Game]


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36 Battles is a two-player card game based on the Thirty-six Stratagems in the Book of Qi in ancient China. Each strategy is a unique card in the game. (What is the Thirty-six Stratagems/Book of Qi?)


In the game, as the rulers of two kingdoms, players draw cards, recruit soldiers and fight against each other for killing their opponents or gaining lands.


By doing those, players gain victory points (VP). Whoever first gets 20 VP wins the game.


Come experience an eastern fantasy of fighting for your kingdom. 36 unique strategies and lots of fun!




Printables: Rule Book, Cards, Maps



Fun & Thanks


I want to thank Stone Libande for advising the design of this game and everyone in the spring class of 2015 for playing the game.





Haiyin (Haley) Yang: Designer, Artist

Zhengyi Wang: Artist

Game Rules


Turn Order


1.  Stratagem Phase

Draw a Stratagem Card from the Stratagem Card deck and play any number of Stratagem Cards during any phase of your turn.


2.  Move Phase

The player moves their Hero for 0~4 steps.

If the player lands on a Terminal City, draw a Terminal Card.


3.  Recruit Phase

After moving, the player may recruit a Soldier.


4.  Attack Phase

The player may attack enemy Hero with Soldiers in their Army.

By attacking:

  • If two Heroes are in the same city:

-You may attack with ALL Soldiers in your Army.

  • If not:

-You may attack with ALL Soldiers with a Power of 6 in your Army.


While a player is attacking, the other player may block with Soldiers in their Army. To do this, for each attack (each character that is attacking), s/he may choose a Soldier to block.


5.  Discard Phase

There is a hand limit of 5 Stratagem Cards, which means you can hold at most 5 Stratagem Cards at the end of your turn.

Discard extra ones until you only have 5 cards to move on.


6.  Check for victory

The game ends when a Hero is killed or any player reaches 20 VP.


7.  End of turn

Game passes to the other player. And the player repeats this turn order.