Welcome! My name is Haley (Haiyin) Yang. I am currently waiting for my work authorization to work in the U.S. (should be ready in October, 2020). I am a passionate gamer and game designer.


I was previously a lead game designer at Happy Elements, one of the biggest mobile game companies in China (had to quit to move to the U.S.). So far, I have experience in UX Design, Content Design, Live-Ops, Product Design & Implementation, Project Lifecycle Management, Mechanic Design, Systems Design, Data Analytic, Documentation, Prototyping, Deconstruct, Training Fellow Designers.


I love figuring out how things work in video games, but I’m most passionate about the social, multiplayer, and cooperative elements within them. It’s my firm belief that games should be player-centered and are a powerful tool to bring fun and meaningful experiences to the players because games have always brought the best out of me and my friends, and brought us closer together.


I earned my Masters of Entertainment Technology degree at Carnegie Mellon University in May, 2015. The program focuses on working in small teams, so I have been able to develop varied skillets more than game design. I love working with talents from different backgrounds and especially leverage my communication and art skills to enhance designs and the team.


I enjoy being a creator. In my spare time, I love playing violin, singing, hand crafting, cosplaying and traveling.

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