Welcome! My name is Haley (Haiyin) Yang. I am currently a systems designer at Jam City for the game World War Doh, which is an intense, chaotic, and hilarious battle royale game. I was previously a lead game designer at Happy Elements, one of the biggest mobile game companies in China.

So far, I have experience in UX Design, Content Design, Live-Ops, Product Design & Implementation, Project Lifecycle Management, Mechanic Design, Systems Design, Data Analytic, Documentation, Prototyping, Deconstruct, Training Fellow Designers.


I love figuring out how everything works in games, while I’m most passionate about the social, multiplayer, and cooperative elements within them. It’s my firm belief that games should be player-centered and are a powerful tool to bring fun and meaningful experiences to the players because games have always brought the best out of me and my friends, and brought us closer together.


I earned my Masters of Entertainment Technology degree at Carnegie Mellon University in May, 2015. The program focuses on working in small teams, so I have been able to develop varied skillets more than game design. I love working with talents from different backgrounds and especially leverage my communication and art skills to enhance designs and the team.


I enjoy being a creator. In my spare time, I love practicing violin, singing, hand crafting, cosplaying and traveling.

World War Doh
开心消消乐 (Anipop)
Maze of Heart
Hungry Squids
Crazy Kitchen & Crazy Cake Swap
Thieving Chefs